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Prayer Diary Feb 2017

Wednesday 1st
The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God
stands for ever. Isaiah 40.8

“It is not a requirement for US Presidents to take their oath of
Office on a copy of the bible, but for both President Trump and
Vice President Mike Pierce, the bibles on which they placed their
hands held a special significance. President Trump took his oath on
a bible given to him by his mother in 1955 and also Abraham
Lincoln’s bible from 156 years ago…. Some things are temporal
but the word of God endures forever. Pray that our parliamentary
leaders will seek wisdom and direction from the truth it imparts.”
(Parliamentary PRAYER Scotland 23rd January, adapted)

Thursday 2nd Joint Session and Board Meeting in Canisbay.
Teach us, Lord, to share those things that we have with those who
don’t have. Help us all to support the right of every human being
to air, water, food and shelter, no matter their race, creed or

Friday 3rd
Thank you for Your healing, Lord. We trust that whatever You have
in store for us has a purpose so that when those we know are made
whole, we are inspired to spread your Good News .

Saturday 4th
This evening there is a Ceilidh in Lybster held to say farewell to
Peter and Delwyn Mackenzie before they leave to explore a little
more of Scotland, and then Europe, before returning to New
Zealand. Peter has served as Locum in Latheron Parish over the
past year and easily fitted into life ‘down the coast’. Undoubtedly
the Scottish blood in his veins played its part! Some of our folk met
Peter when he came to Canisbay and Keiss as part of our Five Year
Review Team. Others were greatly impressed by Delwyn’s musical
talents. They will be sadly missed!

Sunday 5th Psalm 112. 1 – 9; Matt. 5. 13 - 20
Olrig & Dunnet – Ben MacGregor ; Keiss & Cb – Lyall
Sometimes we find ourselves in conflict with our fellow Christians.
This is nothing new: Paul wrote in his Letter to the Church in
Philippi about such a situation! Gracious Lord, give us
understanding, grace, courage to accept change and, above all,
love. Nothing is too hard for You!

Monday 6th
For many years there has been a regular gathering of clergy along
with representatives from the hospital staff to discuss pastoral
matters. Tomorrow morning there is a meeting in Wick Hospital to
look at Spiritual Awareness. Give thanks for this initiative and
uphold Chaplains Rosie Reid and Anna Briggs in your prayers.

Tuesday 7th Presbytery meets in Wick St Fergus
It is two months since Presbytery met and there will be important
matters on the agenda. Pray for all who gather, that God’s Spirit
will brood over the meeting and that decisions made will be in His

Wednesday 8th Canisbay School Assembly
Last month, Scripture Union staff member Colin Carmichael paid
his annual visit to Canisbay Primary to conduct a Religious
Observance Assembly and to advertise SU Holidays. Pray that the
seeds sown in young hearts and minds might take root and bear
fruit and that some may book up for an SU Holiday. Several pupils
now in High School will tell you what a great time they had!

Thursday 9th
This month can seem like a long pause between a drab winter and a
blowy Spring but hiding in secret places are Your signs of
continuing life. A snowdrop raised its head, a leaf unfurled and a
cuckoo called. Praise You, Creator of all!

Friday 10th Keiss School Assembly
A prayer from ‘Read and Pray’ published by the Scottish Bible
Society (8th Feb.): “Pray for our Communications Team who are
preparing the next edition of our Alive & Active magazine. Pray for
the writing, design and production of the magazine, that it would be
an efficient tool to raise awareness of our work in Scotland and
around the world.”
(Look out for this in church, take a copy, and read and pray! Ed.)

Saturday 11th Soup and Sandwich Lunch in Dunnet
We pray for anyone who is feeling alone. They might be stressed
by work or exams, missing a friend or partner or just not able to be
the person they would like to be. Walk with them, Lord, and let
Your grace shine on them.

Sunday 12th Psalm 119. 1 – 8; Matt. 5. 21 - 37
Olrig & Dt. – Esme; Keiss & Cb. – Roger Bamfield Let’s have a Prayer of Thanks to our Father in Heaven for the beautiful sunsets which bless our skies during these nights. Our Lord has created skies of delight which we can look at in wonder, joy and love.

Monday 13th
There are so many times when I have said the wrong thing, Lord, or
hurt someone accidentally, that I wonder whether I will ever be as
sensitive and understanding as I know I should be. Forgive my
thoughtless ways and strengthen me to keep on trying!

Tuesday 14th Crossroads School Assembly
St Valentine’s Day ….. and minds turn to Love. Let’s remember
that Valentine was a young man who gave up his life rather than
deny his Lord Jesus Christ. Many are still being called to do that -
men, women and children- in today’s world. How do I show that
my Love is real? I’ll try to think about this today!

Wednesday 15th
Many of us know people who have been in and out of hospital
during this winter. For some this has involved journeys between
home and Caithness General and also transfer to Raigmore. Waits
for several hours for an ambulance are not uncommon. The
personnel manning the ambulances are second to none but they are
often put in a very unfortunate position. Give thanks for these
people and please uphold them in prayer.

Thursday 16th
Robert and Lorna Nicol are settling well into their new home near
Aberfeldy. As Robert’s status and ability are being recognized in
the local churches he is beginning to be used. Ministers are in short
supply there too! Robert could be overwhelmed by requests for
help: pray for wisdom!

Friday 17th
Gracious God, we pray for the group who are planning the World
Day of Prayer Service to be held this year in Canisbay Church hall
on Friday 3rd March – two weeks today! This year the material has
been prepared by Christian women of the Philippines. This is
always an afternoon of precious fellowship. Join us if you can!

Saturday 18th
Pray for schools staff and pupils as they enjoy a half term holiday.
Good weather would be a real bonus! Gracious God, keep safe all
who travel and give new strength and refreshment to those who
need this. We cannot give sufficient thanks for the great schools we
have in Caithness!

Sunday 19th Psalm 119. 33 – 40; Matt. 5. 38 - 48
Dunnet & Olrig – Lyall; Keiss & Canisbay – Marcus Cornah
Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble.
But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it
and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.
Max Lucado

Monday 20th
We ask Your blessing, Father, on all those who have suffered loss.
It is difficult to believe that the misery will ease when we know the
memories will always be there. Help them to face each day with
fortitude and grant them Your strength and peace as they begin to
rebuild a different life.

Tuesday 21st
Give thanks for the amazing support achieved by the Guild
branches and individual members for the six Projects adopted for
the current three year National Strategy. It is hoped to focus on a
Project in each of the forthcoming issues of this Prayer Diary.
Comments from Guild members would be gratefully received!

Wednesday 22nd Thinking Day
Almighty God, as members of the worldwide Guide and Scout
Movement take time to remember one another, richly bless each
member and all whose dedication enables units to thrive. Many of
us give thanks for what we learned in our earlier days as we strove
to keep our Promise. Children in our community would benefit so
much from this opportunity but where are the leaders?!

Thursday 23rd Ministry and Mission Meeting in Thurso
For we are fellow workers in God’s service; you are God’s field,
God’s building. (1 Cor. 3.9)
Loving Lord, we ask Your blessing on those who work tirelessly in
the community on Your behalf – feeding and nourishing,
maintaining buildings and fabric and quietly being Your disciples.

Friday 24th
Life is very busy for all who are involved in ministry – often too
busy – but Open Doors brings this challenge from Syria: “Many
church leaders and volunteers involved in the relief ministries of
the church are overwhelmed with work. Pray for daily strength,
wisdom to know where best to focus their efforts, and that they will
be encouraged by the fruits of their work

Monday 25th
“Your prayers worked, you know.” What joy it gives to hear those
words from or about a friend diagnosed with a terminal condition
and now healed or in remission! Give God thanks! May His Spirit
prompt us to be faithful when we are asked to pray!

Sunday 26th Psalm 131; Matt. 6. 24 - 34
Olrig & Dt – Marcus Cornah; K&Cb – Ronnie Johnstone
At the services in Keiss and Canisbay today, Rev Ronne Johnstone
will bring the greetings of Presbytery and make some helpful
comments following the Five Year Review held late last year. As
we look towards the future and seek the will of God for us as two
of our four linked congregations, please continue to pray for all our
Pentland Parishes in these uncertain times.

Monday 27th
Let nothing disturb you,
nothing distress you;
while all things fade away,
God is unchanging.
Be patient, for with God in your heart
nothing is lacking,
God is enough.
St Teresa of Avila, 16th century Carmelite nun.
(Quoted by Ron Ferguson in Life and Work, January issue.
As he says, much better than New Year resolutions!)

Tuesday 28th Canisbay Guild
It has been a short month and perhaps March seems to arrive too
quickly! Give thanks that Jesus has walked with us through this
past month, and trust Him for the month ahead. His promise never
to leave us or forsake us is sure! (Joshua 1.5)


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