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Prayer Diary March 2017

Wednesday 1st
A new month, with so many opportunities; so many challenges; so
many …. It is different for each of us. But we can be sure that our
God never changes. Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and
for ever! (Hebrews 13.8) Let’s praise and trust Him!

Thursday 2nd
A prayer found on Facebook: Dear God, Thank you for waking me
up to a brand new day. Give me a fresh start so that I may walk in
your strength and purpose for my life. Forgive me my faults from
yesterday and help me to walk closer to your side today. Help me to
radiate your love to everyone I meet that they may see your love in
me. Guide my every step. I cannot make it through the day without

Friday 3rd World Day of Prayer; Manse Committee in evening
How many hundreds of thousands of God’s people will gather on
this World Day of Prayer, this year written by the Christian Women
of the Philippines? There is a warm welcome at Canisbay Church
Hall where the service starts at 2.30pm and other services should be
well publicized. Please pray for God’s blessing on this Day of
Prayer and on the people of the Philippines.

Saturday 4th Messy Church in Dunnet

Today Dunnet Messy Church is having a visit from Highland Malawi Trust which is an Inverness based charity providing aid to schools and communities in Malawi. DMC have previously supported them with a cash donation, second hand school uniforms, and other children’s clothes. Pray for this today, and see the ‘follow up prayer request’ on Monday 6th

Sunday 5th Ps.32; Matt.4.1-11 First Sunday in Lent
Olrig & Dunnet–Ronnie Johnstone;K&Cb.–Marcus Cornah

As we worship God today in church, at home or wherever we are,
let’s take time to begin our focus on Easter and prepare ourselves.

Monday 6th

As we give thanks for the success of Dunnet Messy Church let’s continue to pray for the children and families in Malawi which they support: those not blessed with free education and healthcare, clean water, adequate clothing and housing and plentiful food, all of which we so easily take for granted. Pray for the work of charities such as Highland Malawi Trust and Mary's meals who are working to make their lives better.

Tuesday 7th Crossroads School Assembly; Caithness Presbytery
Dear God, on our journey towards Easter next month, we ask you
to travel with us, and to help us to lay down the unnecessary
burdens that we impose upon ourselves. Show what these burdens
are; shine your light on the weak reasons that we find for clinging
onto them; and free us from their oppression, that we may walk
more closely with you from today, and for the rest of our lives.
(Adapted from Christian Aid)

Wednesday 8th Canisbay School Assembly
Today is International Women's Day. Let’s take time to celebrate
the achievements of the inspiring women in our Scottish
communities, congregations and lives, as well as across the world,
who work to make things better for everyone.

Thursday 9th Board meetings at Keiss Dunnet and Olrig
Ian McCree, our Interim Moderator, writes: “Give thanks for four
very positive and helpful congregational meetings anent the
possible union. Pray for Lyall and myself at the office bearers’
meetings at Keiss, Dunnet and Olrig today and at Canisbay

Friday 10th Board Meeting at Canisbay
"Fear is not your enemy. It is a compass pointing you to the areas
where you need to grow" (Steve Pavlina) Gracious God, may Your
hand help us in these areas where we are less than confident

Saturday 11th
We pray for anyone who is unwell, and waiting to see a doctor or specialist. We give thanks for our health service and know that it is under increasing pressure. Strengthen those who are waiting and all those who care for others. Today I pray especially for................

Sunday 12th Ps.121; John 3. 1-17 Second Sunday in Lent
Olrig & Dt. – Marcus Cornah; Keiss & Cb. – Lyall

The Bible says: Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses. He sets the time for love and the time for hate. He sets the time for everything. So realize that all we can do is be happy and do the best we can while we are still alive. It is God’s gift. Let’s Pray for His Guidance.

Monday 13th
Thank you, Lord, for giving us more sunshine and warmth each day. Remind us still to put on an extra layer of clothing, so that we can turn down the heating a little and reduce our use of fossil fuels. Only then can we help protect against the climate changes which are causing drought and poverty in once fertile parts of the world.

Tuesday 14th
Let’s remember today those who suffer from depression and sadness – whatever its cause. May they have strength and courage to lift their heads and carry on. May we find the best ways to support each other.

Wednesday 15th
Tomorrow evening the Steering Group will meet. This group of
representatives from each of our Pentland Parishes is charged with
the task of working out the practical steps involved in moving
towards union. Please pray! And be much in prayer that we
will find a new minister willing to come to our congregations
despite the present difficulties faced by the Church Nationally.
With God all things are possible. Let’s keep trusting!

Thursday 16th Steering Group meeting in Keiss

Esme is speaking at Wick Salvation Army’s Over 60’s Meeting
this afternoon. Give thanks for the work of the Salvation Army in
Caithness and nationwide and for the good relations we have
always had with the Leaders and workers.

Friday 17th Canisbay School Assembly
On 17th March 1969 the 8 crewmen of the Longhope lifeboat lost
their lives going to the aid of the Irene off South Ronaldsay. As we
remember their sacrifice and the devastation of their families we
give thanks for the work of the R.N.L.I. especially in the
treacherous waters round our four parishes.

Saturday 18th
Whatever God has promised gets stamped with the Yes of Jesus.
(2 Cor. 1.20 The Message)
Sometimes we let others down; sometimes we let ourselves down;
but Jesus NEVER lets us down. Let’s trust Him today!

Sunday 19th Ps.95; John 4. 5-42 Third Sunday in Lent
Dunnet & Olrig – Ben MacGregor; Keiss & Canisbay – Lyall

Father, help us to seek the values that will bring us lasting joy in
our lives, in our communities, in this changing world. As we seek
what You promise, make us one in mind and heart. Grant this
through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns
with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever, Amen.
(Guild E News)

Monday 20th
“The Lord said, I have indeed seen the misery of my people in
Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers,
and I am concerned about their suffering.” (Open Doors)
As so many continue to suffer in so many countries today, let’s
hear God’s call to care; to pray; to do what we can. Those who
suffer are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Surely we can’t be

Tuesday 21st Crossroads School Assembly
Forgive me, I pray, for all those times when I have hurt others –
sometimes unknowingly. I WILL try harder, Lord !

Wednesday 22nd Canisbay School Assembly
Merciful Father, with changes and uncertainties surrounding the
facilities at Caithness General Hospital, guide those making the
decisions, to keep in mind the distance between us and Inverness
and give wisdom to make the optimum use of resources.

Thursday 23rd
As the leaves carry on unfurling, the flower buds appearing and the
first lambs being born, we give You thanks, Lord, for the wondrous
county that You have made.

Friday 24th
We thank God and pray for the work of the Fishermen’s Mission.
There are many seamen who visit our harbours from other
countries, Some do not speak English and if they need help in
any way, such as medical help, the Fishermen’s Mission is a great
support and comfort to them when they are far from home. This is a
practical example of the love of God.

Saturday 25th
Clocks go forward tonight – and we lose an hour! That could matter
if we forget and arrive at church as everyone is coming out! (Some
reading this remember doing that!) Let’s make sure that we give
every part of our time to God, and trust Him to help us use it well.

Sunday 26th Ps.23; John 9.1-41 Fourth Sunday in Lent
Olrig & Dunnet – Lyall; Keiss & Canisbay – Roger Bamfield

On this Mothering Sunday let’s give thanks for our mothers and for
all that we owe to them; for today’s mothers, particularly those who
daily face huge problems and for our individual Mother Churches
where we learned about Jesus and His self sacrificial love

Monday 27th
We thank God and pray for all those involved in the Safeguarding
of children and vulnerable adults. Sadly there are those in our
society who prey on and abuse children as well as those who prey
on and take advantage of vulnerable adults. We all have a duty of
care to protect any in our society who are at risk.

Tuesday 28th Canisbay Guild AGM
In these days when Guild branches in rural churches are small,
members grow older and some are unable to attend any longer, give
thanks for successful meetings held over this past year. Pray for
guidance as we meet to prepare the programme for next session.
We aim to offer a warm welcome at every meeting.

Wednesday 29th
Gracious God, we thank You for the women and men who have
answered or are answering Your call to ministry in the church and
we pray that more may come forward. We ask that You bless them
as well as their friends, mentors, encouragers, prayerful supporters
and family members. (adapted from Church of Scotland website)

Thursday 30th
Lord, bless all who deliver our letters and parcels. Apart from being
a contact with distant family and friends, they act as a pair of eyes
in our rural communities and for that we are very grateful.

Friday 31st
"Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble and he brought
them out of their distress. He stilled the storm to a whisper, the
waves of the sea were hushed. They were glad when it grew calm
and he guided them to their desired haven." Psalm 107: 28-30.
In this great Psalm we read of the Lord's deliverance as the people
cried out to him. They were in the midst of a storm and the Lord
delivered them. "Pray on until God's light fills the skies over Scotland – the light of
revival that brings a new day."( Parliamentary PRAYER Scotland)

This prayer diary is produced monthly by and for the four congregations in our Caithness linkage:
Canisbay Church of Scotland SCO 32164
Dunnet Church of Scotland SCO 30261
Keiss Church of Scotland SCO 10874
Olrig Church of Scotland SCO 11353
We trust its regular use will strengthen the bond between our congregations as we share news and support one another.
This diary also goes by e-mail to a growing number of friends throughout Scotland and we are sincerely grateful for their interest and support.
If you have found this Prayer Diary helpful, please let us know.
If there is any topic or any particular prayer you would like included in a future issue please contact the Editor:
esmeduncan@btinternet.com or phone 01955 611 455
Copy date for the April issue is 18th March.


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