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Prayer Diary April 2017

Saturday 1st April

Let the God of hope fill you afresh as you pray into seemingly
intractable situations. He is still present here and mighty to save.
Let your trust spill over into joy and peace.
Romans 15.13; Interserve Magazine)

Sunday 2nd Ps.130; John 11.1-45 Passion Sunday
Olrig & Dunnet -Ben MacGregor; Keiss & Canisbay - Lyall

As Good Friday is less than two weeks ahead, some services today
will focus on the Cross and the suffering of Jesus. Let’s
imaginatively think of Jesus as He prepared for what lay ahead for
Him. He went through it for our sake! Worship Him today.

Monday 3rd
As Easter services and assemblies take place in Caithness and all
over Scotland this week, pray for all who will conduct these. Pray
that the pupils will be helped to look beyond the chocolate and the
bunnies to discover what Easter is really about.

Tuesday 4th Crossroads School Assembly
Give thanks for the opportunities which Lyall and Howard Stone
regularly have in our local Primary Schools to present the truths of
the Christian Faith to our children. Keep praying that the doors
might remain open and that the seed sown will continue to be
nurtured and in time bear fruit. Pray too for the Chaplaincy teams in
Wick and Thurso High Schools, praying that God’s Holy Spirit will
work in the hearts of the young people who have attended Easter

Wednesday 5th School Assemblies at Keiss and Canisbay
As we approach the tourist season again we pray for all who will be visiting Caithness, that they will find a welcome wherever they go and will enjoy a memorable time in our county. We pray too for all who will be travelling over the Easter holidays. May they travel safely and with consideration for other road users.

Thursday 6th Schools on holiday
“Is there any God besides me? No, there is no other Rock; I know not one.” Isaiah 44.8
This is a question we need to ask ourselves every day: Is there any God besides me? Is your life built on Rock or shamrock?
(Gordon Cooke, Encounter with God page 90, Scripture Union)

Friday 7th
In another momentous political week with rising tensions among our leaders and the prospect of further uncertainty and division in the nation, we must pray for wisdom to be exercised in all the decision making for the well-being of the country. Pray for a spiritual awakening in the land, and for faith to become the anchor that will hold us steadfast. (Parliamentary PRAYER Scotland, March 20th )

Saturday 8th
We pray for all who care for elderly or infirm relatives, especially children who are caring for parents with chronic conditions.

Sunday 9th Psalm 118; Matt. 21.1-11 Palm Sunday
Olrig- Lyall;Dunnet – Armitage Family;K&Cb – Marcus Cornah

Give courage, we pray, to the Armitage family, arranging hymns and prayers in Dunnet for the first time today. Thank You for their willingness to help spread Your Word – we know You will look kindly on them!

Monday 10th
Give thanks that, following months and even years of uncertainty about the future of Achvarasdal House, it seems at last that a solution has been found which suits everyone. Pray for decisions being made and ratified between Crossreach and NHS. Please pray for the residents and the staff in the months immediately ahead.

Tuesday 11th
This evening the Guild Presbyterial Council holds its Spring meeting and AGM in Watten. Give thanks for those who faithfully lead our Guild branches and pray that they may find blessing and encouragement as they meet together.

Wednesday 12th Church and Society meeting
The early church gathered to worship, pray and learn together. They opened their homes, shared their food and sold their possessions to provide for each other. Let us learn from them, this radical hospitality, and be the people of hope that we are called to be – especially for those who are starving.
(adapted from Church of Scotland website)

Thursday 13th Maundy Thursday; Service in Dunnet Church
There is always special blessing in gathering round the Lord’s Table this evening. In the past, few have attended. There is room for many more! And if you can’t be present in person, join us in spirit, remembering the final meal which Jesus shared with His friends before going to the Cross.

Friday 14th Good Friday; Service in Canisbay Church Hall
Help me to understand it; help me to take it in:
What it meant for You, the Holy One, to take away my sin.
My thanks are so inadequate, but I thank You, Jesus.
If you are able to join us at 7.00 pm for a short time of meditation and worship you are assured of a warm welcome.

Saturday 15th
Thank You, Jesus, for dying on the cross for us, so that we may come close to God. We cannot understand so much overwhelming love that can heal differences between communities and countries. Help us to give of ourselves to others.

Sunday 16th Ps.118; John 20. 1 – 18 Easter Day
Olrig & Dunnet – Marcus Cornah; Keiss & Canisbay - Lyall
“You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here.” Mark 16.6
Traditionally, the Sacrament of Baptism was often celebrated on Easter Sunday so it is a real cause for joy that Lyall will conduct this Sacrament in Keiss Church today. Pray for God’s rich blessing on the family and all who attend. Risen Lord, be real to all Your people who gather for worship today, in our congregations and in their homes; throughout our land and worldwide.

Monday 17th Easter Praise
This annual United Churches Event takes place this evening at
7.00 pm in St Peter's and St Andrew's Church, hosted by Thurso Baptist Church. Sharing in this informal service of worship is a blessing and privilege for God’s people. Come if you can!

Tuesday 18th
Let us give thanks for clean drinking water - something that is so often taken for granted when we turn on the tap, yet so many people in the world would love to be able to have clean water.

Wednesday 19th
Loving and Faithful God, You promised thatYou would never leave Your flock without shepherds. We ask that You grant all those hearing Your call, a spirit of wisdom, courage and perseverance. Let them know that they are needed here in Caithness. And we ask especially that a Minister may hear the call to look after Canisbay, Dunnet, Keiss and Olrig

Thursday 20th Ministry & Mission Committee in Wick;
Hardly a day goes by when we do not hear reports of child abuse. Merciful Father, we pray for all children: that they may grow up in a safe and secure home free from abuse and may grow up to know of You and of Your love for them

Wednesday 26th Steering Group meeting
Gracious Lord, we pray that You will protect all those living on the edges of our society – uncared for, malnourished or misunderstood and suffering. We ask that You will show us ways in which we can reach out and make a difference in their lives

Thursday 27th Keiss Session Meeting
As schools settle into the summer term, pray for Head Teachers and teachers; for strong leadership and a caring attitude among staff which determines a good school ethos; quality teaching that inspires and motivates; energy and health.
(adapted from Pray for Schools Scotland, Scripture Union.)

Friday 28th Keiss School Assembly; Manse Committee
Father God we can be quick to criticise and slow to compliment. We give thanks for the work of our councillors and council workers who do not sufficiently often get thanks for the work they do. When we have an opportunity to say “thank you”, remind and prompt us.

Saturday 29th
Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my sighing. Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for to You I pray. In the morning, O Lord, You hear my voice, in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait in expectation." Psalm 5:1-3. In this Psalm David has an intensity and urgency in prayer. He was also persistent, morning by morning, as he offered a prayer in faith, he did not doubt the Lord would answer him. At the end of verse 3 he is waiting with expectation. Are we? (Parliamentary PRAYER Scotland)

Sunday 30th Ps.116. 1-4,12-19; Luke 24. 13 - 35
Olrig & Dunnet – Worship Team; Keiss & Canisbay - Lyall
As we, Your people, meet for worship today, we bring You our praise and ask for Your special blessing on the worship group conducting the services in Dunnet and Olrig. Perhaps others may be inspired to follow this lead. Blessing follows!

This prayer diary is produced monthly by and for the four congregations in our Caithness linkage:
Canisbay Church of Scotland SCO 32164
Dunnet Church of Scotland SCO 30261
Keiss Church of Scotland SCO 10874
Olrig Church of Scotland SCO 11353
We trust its regular use will strengthen the bond between our congregations as we share news and support one another.
This diary also goes by e-mail to a growing number of friends throughout Scotland and we are sincerely grateful for their interest and support.
If you have found this Prayer Diary helpful, please let us know.
If there is any topic or any particular prayer you would like included in a future issue please contact the Editor:
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