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Prayer Diary June 2017

Thursday 1st
As our schools continue their busy programme with the holidays in sight, give thanks for the teachers and all school staff and for all that they seek to do to enable young people to grow up to make an effective contribution to society. The adults need a great deal of energy at this time. Pray for health and strength.

Friday 2nd
Don’t forget to say ‘ThankYou’: a short saying but if never said can make a person feel forgotten. Give Thanks to express gratitude. Always give thanks to God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 5. 20)

Saturday 3rd

During this month decisions will be made about the possible formation of a union of Canisbay, Dunnet, Keiss and Olrig Churches with members and adherents having the opportunity to register their vote. Talking has continued for a long time: talking to one another and talking to God. We want to make the right decision. Pray on!

Sunday 4th Pentecost Psalm 104. 24-34,35b; Acts 2.1-21 Og & Dt: Marcus Cornah; K & Cb: Roger Bamfield
Today the Christian Church celebrates its Birthday. As we gather for worship, pray that our celebrations may be heartfelt. God did amazing things as His Spirit came on the first believers and made them His Church! Life changing God, open our hearts to receive Your Spirit powerfully today!
Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me!

Monday 5th
We can’t expect fine weather and good fortune all the way.
The clouds will come, the storms will break and skies will turn to grey.
But when you’re looking at a cloud that’s thick and black and wide - Don’t forget the sun is shining on the other side.

Tuesday 6th Crossroads School Assembly

As we approach the Election, Parliamentary PRAYER Scotland offers this prayer: As a non-party, non -lobbying group of intercessors, we will be seeking to pray for those candidates who most closely reflect the values inscribed on the Scottish mace: WISDOM, COMPASSION, JUSTICE and INTEGRITY. How we long to see the government and nation turn towards God's Kingdom of RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE AND JOY in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14.17b), for we know that God comes to help those who gladly do right and remember his ways. (Isaiah 64.5).

Wednesday 7th Guild Council Summer Rally;Canisbay Assembly

Our Speaker this evening at Reay is Miss Anne Dunnet who soon comes to the end of her term as Lord Lieutenant for the county. We give thanks for the way she has diligently carried out her duties and look forward to a very pleasant evening. All are welcome to join us in Reay Church at 7.30.

Thursday 8th General Election
We can only pray – and how vital it is that we do continue to pray - and to trust that God’s Holy Spirit will brood over all that happens today and as a result of today. It would be easy to be cynical about politics and politians but we have been charged to pray for those in authority over us.

Friday 9th Keiss Assembly; Crossroads School BBQ
Primary 7 pupils will probably have the opportunity to visit the High School they will move on to after the summer. Pray for all who are involved in making this transition as easy as possible. Pray too for safety for all pupils in sports and trips this month

Saturday 10th Messy Church at Dunnet
Pray for the work of the Bible Society staff in Iraq as they continue to distribute God's Word. Please pray for their safety as they continue to work in dangerous working conditions.(Scottish Bible Society)

Sunday 11th Trinity Sunday Psalm 8; Matt. 28. 16-20
Og & Dt: Lyall (Communion); K & Cb: Ian McCree

Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding and my entire will, all I have and call my own. You have given all to me. To you, Lord, I return it. (Ignatius Loyola, 1491-1556)

Monday 12th
The Music Festival takes place this week. For many of our talented children in the community this is their first opportunity to be on stage. Whether it be playing an instrument, singing or saying a poem these gifts come from God and we should be willing to use them to best advantage. Pray for the children and for the teachers and tutors who help bring out the best in our competitors.

Tuesday 13th Presbytery Meets at Dunnet

At this evening’s meeting, Sheila Cormack will be installed at Moderator for the year ahead. Give thanks and pray for her in this important office. Those who attended the General Assembly will also ‘report diligence’, giving a brief comment on this year’s gathering.

Wednesday 14th Canisbay School Assembly
'God has not promised us an easy journey, but he has promised us a safe journey.' William C. Miller (Living Quotations for Christians)

Thursday 15th Keiss Session Meeting; Olrig Board and Session

Please keep Lyall in your prayers each day. He has so many different meetings and so many varied responsibilities. Jesus, Lord of the Church, grant Your enabling to Lyall and to all of our Church leaders and office bearers. Without You, nothing we do will last!

Friday 16th
God's wisdom is something mysterious that goes deep into the interior of his purposes. You don't find it lying around on the surface. (1 Cor. 2.7 The Message)
Lord, particularly as I grow older, keep me willing to make the effort to dig. It would be so worthwhile!

Saturday 17th Wedding in Keiss Church

Lord Jesus, You graced the wedding at Cana so long ago. Be present in Keiss Church this afternoon. Pour out the wine that changes lives and richly bless those who make their promises before You today.

Sunday 18th Psalm 100; Matt. 9.35 – 10. 8
Og & Dt: Ian McCree; K& Cb: Lyall (Communion)

Merciful Father, we pray today for our friends who have served faithfully as office bearers in past years and who have either moved away or are limited by weakness and are largely housebound. Some long still to be used in Your service. Comfort each one and speak to them. They need to hear Your voice.

Monday 19th
Please continue to pray for the health and safety of Open Doors staff and their families. Pray for wisdom and boldness as they mobilize Christians in the UK and Ireland to strengthen the church to be the church in the most hostile places on earth. (Open Doors)

Tuesday 20th
'The New Testament does not say, "You shall know the rules and by them you shall be bound," but "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." ' John Baillie (Living Quotations for Christians, Hodder 1974) Today's culture rates truth as what we make it. Lord, help me to know your truth! (Ed)

Wednesday 21st Longest Day, First Day of Summer
Merciful Father, we pray for our political leaders, as they respond to violence in our country. Give them the grace to respond, not in vengeance, but with wisdom and self control.

Thursday 22nd Manse Committee Meeting

Lord, give me patience for the humdrum duties.
Keep me humble, never seeking praise.
Keep me conscious of the things of beauty – as I go about my days... Make me wise for there are problems pressing.
Make me calm amidst the storm and strife.
Make me worthy to receive your blessing.
(This verse and the one quoted on 5th June is heartfelt! Please Pray!)

Friday 23rd
Tomorrow the cruise ship Pacific Princess will be in Scrabster and some of the passengers will be visiting CANISBAY KIRK. Pray that they will feel blessed as they enjoy their time ashore, touring round our beautiful county.

Saturday 24th
Pray not for Arab or Jew, for Palestinian or Israeli, but pray rather for
ourselves, that we might not divide them in our prayers, but keep them both together in our hearts. (Christian Aid)

Sunday 25th Psalm 86. 1-10,16-17; Matt.10. 24-39
Og & Dt – Worship Team; Keiss & Canisbay - Lyall

On this last Sunday of the month some will gather at Freswick Castle at 6.30 pm for informal worship followed by light refreshments and fellowship. This is a valuable opportunity to meet with others from across the county. As God’s people we need increasingly to be connected! Join us in body or in spirit through prayer!

Monday 26th
Lord, thank You for Your promise that death is just a gateway to a new and better day; that we know when we part from a loved one, we will know the joy of meeting them again in the Promised Land. Thank You, loving Father, for the gift of Jesus, who died on the cross so that we can be comforted in our sorrow and secure in our knowledge of safe passage to You.

Tuesday 27th
How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity. Ps.133.1
Unity is such an important quality and we can never take it for granted, particularly in the Church. We need to work at it. How tragic when the growth of the Kingdom of God is held back because we can’t get on with our fellow members! Lord, change us!

Wednesday 28th
Summer time is here. Many will enjoy a break from work and a trip away. Gracious Lord, as we give thanks for the joy and happiness such a break can bring, hear our prayers for those who cannot afford a holiday; for whom every day is hard either because of lack of money or the constant daily strain of caring for someone who is ill. Make us grateful for the mercies You grant us. Teach us to share all our blessings with others.

Thursday 29th
Lord, bless those who are lonely. Help us to recognise loneliness in someone else, even if they are in the middle of a crowd, and to show Your compassion and love as You would to us.

Friday 30th Leavers' Assembly at Keiss

Taking a new step is what we fear most, yet our real fear should be standing still. Step forward into growth and development.
(Source unknown)
This is a good word for the second half of 2017 which begins tomorrow. Let’s go with God!

This prayer diary is produced monthly by and for the four congregations in our Caithness linkage:
Canisbay Church of Scotland SCO 32164
Dunnet Church of Scotland SCO 30261
Keiss Church of Scotland SCO 10874
Olrig Church of Scotland SCO 11353
We trust its regular use will strengthen the bond between our congregations as we share news and support one another.
This diary also goes by e-mail to a growing number of friends throughout Scotland and we are sincerely grateful for their interest and support.
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