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Prayer Diary July/Aug 2017


August: At Canisbay Church today Christine Shearer will give a talk to a party of 42 Icelandic visitors before they receive hospitality in the Church Hall. Give thanks for this opportunity and pray for Christine.


July Services: Roger Bamfield at K & Cb; Lyall at Og & Dt

Lord, there are many visitors in July and August to our parishes - in addition to motorists and cyclists on the North Coast 500. We pray that they travel safely and have a happy time and hope that through us, they will get to know You.


August "Today is the Editor's birthday, and I have been allowed to write the entry. We thank Esme for all her hard work each month to enable us to have our Prayer Diary. Lord, bless Esme, uphold her and give her health and strength to continue all that she does in your name. May the contributors be willing and timeous with their material so that her task of producing the diary on time is stress free. This diary goes far beyond our four parishes and is eagerly awaited by many each month. Happy Birthday,Esme. May God richly bless you and grant the wishes of your heart.” EB. (Unedited - almost!)


uly Almighty God, in whose Name the founders of the United States of America won liberty for themselves and for nations then unborn: Grant that all peoples of the world may learn to live together freely, in righteousness and peace.


August: Mey Games at John O’Groats. Last year this Event moved to John O’Groats because bad weather had made the field at Mey unusable and the Day was a huge success. The Committee have decided to make the change again and a number of new attractions have been arranged. In our congregations we long to reach out to the community but in recent years a dwindling number of local people turned up at Mey. How good it would be to see that turn around. Pray for good weather and for a positive response from God’s people. There is room for all of us here! See you! Or join us in prayer if you can’t make it.


August Services: Roger Bamfield at Og&Dt; K&Cb Lyall
Today is traditionally the “Royal service” at Canisbay, attended by HRH the Duke of Rothesay and his guests. Children from Crossroads School will take part; visitors attend and the small, faithful congregation feel uplifted. Pray for Lyall as he prepares and conducts the service. May the Spirit of God fill each person who attends.


God grant me the SINCERITY to accept the things I cannot change, COURAGE to change the things I can, and WISDOM to know the difference. “I do not know who wrote these words which I have on a candle, but they give me quite a bit of comfort.”


July: Messy Church in Dunnet
Pray for my involvement in the Pulteneytown and Thrumster Holiday Club for younger children and the Break Out for teenagers which runs from Monday 7th to Sunday 13th August (Ian McCree) Pray too for any other outreach work with young people which you know of.
The holiday period offers great opportunities! (Ed.)


July Services: Marcus Cornah at Og&Dt; Lyall at K & Cb
July and August are probably the months when we see the most tourists in this area. Let us ask God's blessing on those who join us for services in the four parishes and help us the congregations of these churches to extend the hand of Christian friendship to them that they feel welcome when they are with us and that they will leave uplifted from their time of worship with us.

As days go by we live and learn and with the years grow wise.
We sift the false things from the true and see with clearer eyes.
As each birthday comes along we find that we can say –
that time has left a trail of blessings along the way.
Today, thank God for the blessings in your life.

Lord, we give thanks for all those who do the repetitive and menial jobs we would rather not do ourselves. They are working to support themselves, their families and us. In so doing they support You too!

Loving Lord, give courage to young people who are apprehensive about the new term ahead, whether next week or next month. You understand, and You will be with them because You love them.


August Services: Lyall at Og&Dt; Ben MacGregor at K&Cb
May your Spirit lead our searching, guide our listening and keep our feet firmly in the footsteps of Jesus.
(This prayer was found on the Church of Scotland Facebook Page.
If you have access, it’s well worth having a look for more!)

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for my friends who pray faithfully
for me. Bless them richly and encourage them each day. If I need it,
remind me to share with them how their prayers have been answered!


August: Schools return
Where do the holiday weeks go?! (A former teacher remembers it well!) As the schools reopen let’s pray for the teachers who bear such responsibility and for all the adults without whom schools could not function. Lord, thank You for cooks, secretaries, classroom assistants and all others who play their vital part. Richly bless all who work in school!


July Services: Og & Dt- tba; Ian McCree at K & Cb
Being unable at the time of preparing this issue to include the name of today’s preacher at Olrig and Dunnet reminds us of the difficulty in arranging services in several Caithness parishes. Pray for Interim Moderators and Locums charged with this responsibility and give thanks for the lay people who faithfully agree to come. May God’s Spirit fill them and equip them for the task.

Merciful Father, we pray for those who are isolated in our
communities - through infirmity, through immobility and through
sadness. Shine Your love on them so that they may feel better able
to cope with their daily living.

It is encouraging to hear of an ecumenical house group that meets
in the Northern Sands Hotel, Dunnet on Fridays at 12 noon.
Risen Lord Jesus, thank You for this initiative. Be with those who
meet as they share, learn and pray. And bring others to join them.


July: Visitors from Cruise Ships berthing at Scrabster
regularily bring parties to visit Canisbay Church where they are
warmly welcomed. Give thanks for this opportunity and pray that
much blessing might follow. Dates arranged are today, 24th July;
1st and 8th August.


Aug. Services:IanMcCree at Og&Dt;Marcus Cornah at K&Cb
Lyall is conducting the services at Pulteneytown and Thrumster
today. Uphold him and all who will conduct services in all our
Caithness Churches. May Jesus be lifted up and hearts changed.

Following on from the devastating terror attacks in Manchester and
London, and the political turbulence of the General Election, the
fire at Grenfell Tower felt like another hammer blow for a nation
already in shock. Yet, in the midst of the horror, the coming
together of a community – along with the co-ordinated effort of
the local churches and charities – has demonstrated compassion and
brought comfort to countless people. We pray that Jesus’ invitation
to come to Him and experience rest will be accepted by many who
are so weary and weighed down by grief and loss.
(Parliamentary PRAYER Scotland June 19th))

Heavenly Father, thank you for the beauty and peace in this place, and for every new day given to us. You are a gracious and loving Father who knows all our needs, and wants to have a personal relationship with us. Let each of us commit, even with busy lives, to make the effort to spend time daily reading your word and in prayer, to deepen our relationship, and in turn listen for your voice speaking to each one of us. In Jesus name, Amen. (Mrs S. Deeprose, Troon)


July Services: Ben MacGregor at Og & Dt; Lyall at K & Cb
Merciful God, we are all aware of an increasing number of people in our churches and communities with deep needs. Keep us faithful in our prayers for them. But there are others whose need is known only to their close family. In an unguarded moment we may hear of this. They too need prayer but want confidentiality maintained. Thank You that we can share what we have learned with You. Thank You that You know, You love and You are powerful to act!


August Ministry & Mission Committee in Wick

Merciful God, thank You that we can bring to Your feet all the hurts and fears that trouble us, and leave them there. We know that Your strength and assurance are all that we require.


August: Induction in Caithness! Presbytery will meet in Thurso West this evening for the Induction of Rev Ida Tenglerova, a minister of the Protestant Church of Czech Brethren. She has been appointed for a year and the congregation await her arrival with great enthusiasm. Give thanks! Pray for Sheila Cormack of Dunnet as this will be her first meeting in her role as Moderator.


Dear Father, we pray for anyone awaiting a health treatment or procedure. It can be frightening, painful and limiting. Let each of us learn to know You better and may each of us do Your will.


August Services:Marcus Cornah at Og & Dt; Lyall at K & Cb
Almighty God, we give thanks for all those ministering to us and guiding us in Your way. It is so easy to sit back and "let someone else" do the work. The only problem is that we are so few! Support and encourage us all as we try to spread Your Word and help ourselves.


Aug. Life is constantly changing and renewing itself. In this new day of new beginnings with God, all things are possible. We are restored and renewed in a joyous awakening to the wonder that our lives are and, yet, can be. (Walter Rauschenbusch)

We give our heartfelt thanks for the courage and persistent
determination of all who respond first to horrific incidents on land
or at sea - police, firefighters, paramedics and lifeboat volunteers.
Give them strength, Lord, to enable them to continue and help us
help them when they are burdened with the terrors they have met.


July: Services:Lyall at Og&Dt; Marcus Cornah at K & Cb
Interim moderator Rev Ian McCree writes, ‘Thank you for praying about the union. All four congregations have now voted in favour so God willing it should go to the September Presbytery meeting with a view to implementing the union from January 2018. Give thanks for the members of the Steering Group, Lyall and all the Office Bearers who have worked so hard to achieve this result. Pray that those who voted against it will have the grace to accept the majority decision.

We ask for Your blessings, Lord, as we take our own holidays and we think of all those no longer able to have a break away from their daily routine. Give them a spiritual lift instead! May God bless you throughout these summer months

This prayer diary is produced monthly by and for the four congregations in our Caithness linkage:
Canisbay Church of Scotland SCO 32164
Dunnet Church of Scotland SCO 30261
Keiss Church of Scotland SCO 10874
Olrig Church of Scotland SCO 11353
We trust its regular use will strengthen the bond between our congregations as we share news and support one another.
This diary also goes by e-mail to a growing number of friends throughout Scotland and we are sincerely grateful for their interest and support.
If you have found this Prayer Diary helpful, please let us know.
If there is any topic or any particular prayer you would like included in a future issue please contact the Editor:
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