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Prayer Diary October 2017

Sunday 1st Ps.78.1-4, 12 - 16; Matt.21. 23 - 32
Olrig & Dt – Rev Ian McCree; K & Cb - Marcus Cornah

We continue to be grateful to the lay friends who have conducted
services over the years of vacancy so that it has been possible to
enjoy four every Sunday. Marcus (from Lybster) says farewell
today before he moves south. Give thanks for him and pray for
God’s blessing to go with him. May God continue to use him.

Monday 2nd
Do you believe that God has a sense of humour? At the General Assembly Myrtle Gillies spoke movingly of the desperate plight of ministry in Caithness with only two fulltime ministers of Word and Sacrament. We were becoming unsustainable! By September 23rd two ministers had been inducted and a third is coming to Pulteneytown and Thrumster in November. God knew this in May!
I believe He had a quiet chuckle! Let’s not doubt His faithfulness!

Tuesday 3rd
The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him. (Lamentations 3.25)
Do not doubt God’s goodness to you! Lord, help me to believe!

Wednesday 4th Crossroads Assembly
It was an unexpected joy to share fellowship with Robert and Lorna Nicol at Dave MacArtney’s Ordination and Induction at Strathy Church recently. They are in good form. Robert brought news that they will soon have an excellent minister preaching as sole nominee at their vacant charge in Aberfeldy. God has clearly called this man. Our God is faithful to answer prayer and to act. He can do that for us here too. Pray on!

Thursday 5th
As schools close tomorrow many families will be setting off abroad for some sunshine before the winter. We pray that they may travel safely and return refreshed.

Friday 6th Canisbay Kirk Session
Ian McCree writes, “Give thanks that Pulteneytown have a minister coming shortly. Pray too that our Union will be passed at the November Presbytery meeting and that the four congregations will work well together after the union becomes effective in January 2018. Also give thanks that David Macartney was inducted to North Coast Parish. This should spur all of us to pray for a new minister for our about to be united charge of Pentland Parish.”
Ian is currently serving as Locum at Pulteneytown as well as our Interim Moderator, so changes lie ahead for him. Please pray on for him.

Saturday 7th Wedding in Keiss Church
Loving God, we praise You, and give our thanks to You, for keeping us safe on all those occasions when we have been nervous or frightened. Life is precious and so often we take it for granted.

Sunday 8th Psalm 19; Matt. 21. 33 - 46
Olrig & Dt - tba; Keiss & Canisbay – tba

Lyall will celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving at two services today, and at two next week Full arrangements were not available at the time of preparing this Issue. Praise God for all the blessings of Harvest. May we never take these for granted but be generous in our sharing.

Monday 9th
We ask for Your blessing on all those who are given a life limiting diagnosis of illness. We pray that You will encircle them with love and give them the strength to carry on with grace, trusting always in You.

Tuesday 10th
In the past, jokes used to be made about the unwillingness of Kirk members to accept change. Sadly, if we are honest, we may have to agree that this attitude is alive and well and holding back progress and God’s plans for the future. Please pray for a movement of the Spirit of God in hearts and lives. Lord, change me!

Wednesday 11th
Please pray that leaders in Scotland and the United Kingdom are guided and directed by the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that God uses the foolish of the world to confound the wise, so don’t limit Him in what you pray for. Teresa May seems to have bought time to allow negotiations with the European Council, but remember: God’s timimg is perfect and He knows the hearts and minds of all.

Thursday 12th
Remember the families of our residents as they commit their loved ones to the care and wellbeing of the staff (of our homes). Pray that they would feel confident that their loved one is being well cared for. (Crossreach Prayer Diary Oct – Jan.)
Pray this for the residents of Achvarasdal and also for all those for whom the Care Homes throughout Caithness are home.

Friday 13th
Pray for our Nominating Committee led by Sheila Cormack that each of the people who represent our congregations may have wisdom and a God-given vision to discern His will for us. Please also continue to pray for Sheila who is having a very heavy year of inductions as the Presbytery Moderator. (two down and one to go – which we know of!)

Saturday 14th Wedding in Dunnet Church
A couple from Guernsey wrote in the Canisbay Church visitors' book that it was "an experience and a privilege to visit this lovely part of Scotland" How privileged are we to live here!

Sunday 15th Psalm 23; Matt. 22. 1 - 14
Og & Dt– tba ; K&Cb– tba Harvest Thanksgiving (see 8th)

Coming into the Autumn, and after a wet year, we give thanks for every grain of harvest our farmers have managed to bring in. Teach us the value of that which we have - and help us to avoid wasting it.

Monday 16th
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. Ephes. 4.19
Words are powerful. Choose them well!

Tuesday 17th
Loving God we ask for Your blessings on anybody who cleans. Often a thankless task, they are serving You in serving others. Grant them cheerfulness and pride in their work and make us mindful of ways to make their lives easier. Saying ‘thank you’ would help!!

Wednesday 18th
Even though we can’t remember a sermon, it still fed us at the time. We don’t remember every meal but each one sustains us.
(This is from a page of summaries of the Talks given at the Keswick Convention 2017 and kindly shared by a close friend of Esme.
There will be more in the months ahead.)
How important it is that we pray regularly for Lyall and for all those who minister, that their message may always be God’s Word for us!

Thursday 19th
Gracious God, we pray today for all our schools staff as they enjoy a time of holiday and anticipate returning to a very busy term leading up to the Christmas holidays. Thank You for each of them and for all that they give to ensure a special school experience for our children.

Friday 20th
Be grateful for all the obstacles in your life. They have strengthened you as you continue your journey. (Source unknown)
How true these words are! No experience is a waste and it is often the bad times that bring out our inner strength and show us just what we are capable of. However, we are capable of nothing if God is not helping us along the way and for this we give thanks

Saturday 21st
We pray for people of all Faiths who are being persecuted, displaced or enduring war. It is our disgrace that we do not care enough to do more. Forgive us, Lord, and lighten the burden of all those who are suffering.

Sunday 22nd Psalm 99; Matt. 22. 15 - 22
Og & Dt – Roger Bamfield; K&Cb- Archie & Anne MacArthur

Last month, the services in Olrig and Dunnet intimated as being conducted by the Worship Team were taken by Archie and Anne MacArthur who live in Skarfskerry. They were well received. Give thanks for these friends and pray for them in today’s service and in the future. Pray for Roger too!

Monday 23rd
Teach me to forgive, Lord, when someone causes me hurt or pain. It is easy to feel aggrieved but far more difficult to love each other as You have taught us!

Tuesday 24th Canisbay Guild
This evening’s meeting sees Ken Crossan returning to share his experience of Yellowstone in winter. His talks and photographs are always very informative and beautifully presented. All are welcome and assured of happy fellowship.

Wednesday 25th Canisbay Assembly
Outside, it might be cold, grey and windy. Look closely, though, and find a late flowering rose. It's a timely reminder, that if we look hard enough, we will always find evidence of God’s strength and beauty in Creation.Thank You, Creator God.

Thursday 26th Ministry & Mission Committee in Wick
Pray for Heather Stewart as she convenes this meeting. Much has happened in the realm of Ministry since we met in August and God’s wisdom will be greatly required. Pray that new members might come forward to serve on this vitally important committee.

Friday 27th
Praise God that over 338,000 people over 125 nations have signed the Hope for the Middle East petition. Ask God to move more people to speak out for their persecuted family so that the voices of Christians in Syria and Iraq are clearly heard by those in power – in the UK and Ireland, the EU and at the UN. (Open Doors)

Saturday 28th
Esme hopes to be in Edinburgh today at a huge Service of Thanksgiving for 150 years of Ministry of Scripture Union. This evokes countless memories of what God has done over the years!
Let your own memories of what He has done in your life fill your mind and heart and give Him thanks!

Sunday 29th Psalm 1; Matt. 22. 34 – 46
Og & Dt – tba; Keiss & Canisbay - tba

Today the clocks go back giving us long dark evenings and probably stormy weather. For older people and those not so fit this can be a lonely time, confined to their homes. Help us to try to remember them, drop by for a short visit, have a chat on the phone or write a few lines to those we know further away. It is sure to uplift them.

Monday 30th
Please continue to pray that the Lord will promote Christians into positions of responsibility and that they will call on the Holy Spirit’s leading and prompting in local and national issues.

Tuesday 31st
The end of another month. Trust our Lord Who has gone ahead.
Put your hand in His and walk with Him. So all will be well.

Apologies As your Editor is to be on holiday until the end of October, hard copies of this Prayer Diary will not be available until Sunday 5th November. 





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