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Prayer Diary January 2018

Sunday 14th January Ps 139.1-6,13-18; John 1. 43-51
Olrig & Dunnet - Lyall; Keiss & Canisbay – Ben MacGregor

Give thanks that Archie MacArthur has been successful in his application for the 0.5 post and pray for him in this new role. May we all support him and encourage him.

Monday 15th/Tuesday 16th
Ian McCree writes: ‘Pray for Archie and Anne as they along with Lyall and David Malcolm and myself, meet to plan how the 0.5 post can best move forward for the advancement of the gospel throughout our very scattered parish.’
This meeting took place last Thursday. Pray for the implementing of decisions and plans. Ed.

Wednesday 17th/Thursday 18th Canisbay School Assembly (17th)
We pray for the Nominating Committee as they meet on 17th January in Dunnet Church Hall. Alterations to our Profile will need to be carried out to portray our union. Please continue to pray that a suitable candidate will be found to lead our Pentland Parish forward.

Friday 19th/Saturday 20th
Give God thanks for the year that has passed, for His faithfulness and His unbroken promises. Pray that in this New Year our lives will reflect the beauty of the Saviour who died for us, and our relationship with Him will deepen and flourish through 2018.
(Scottish Bible Society, Read and Pray Oct-Dec, edited)

Sunday 21st January Ps. 62. 5-12; Mark 1. 14-20
Olrig & Dunnet – Archie & Anne; Keiss & Canisbay - Lyall

‘When reading a Scripture Union publication recently it was most gratifying to see two young people featured who grew up in our area. Mary Louise Stone and Philip Todd are both 'children of the Manse' in Castletown. Now they are helping spread the word of God to others, ML on the staff in Glasgow and Philip as a valued Camp Leader.’ (EB)
Some of the younger Todds are team members too! Ed

Mon. 22nd/Tuesday 23rd Canisbay Guild Pot Luck Supper (23rd)
Lord Jesus Christ, when You walked on this earth You delighted in fellowship with Your people at a meal. As the Guild enjoy this special time together this evening, make Your Presence as real as that of one another. We pray that nothing may prevent the success of what has traditionally been our most successful gathering. Do join us!

Wednesday 24th/Thursday 25th
Thursday is Burns’ Night. Heavenly Father, we give thanks for the talents You give to people which in turn bring enjoyment to others. Thank You for the poetry of Robert Burns and the pleasure very many find in it. Bless the social gatherings which take place over this weekend. Particularly give an uplift to lonely folk who find a Burns’ Supper a great blessing.

Friday 26th/Saturday 27th
The year has turned. The days have started to lengthen and snowdrops have started to push through the cold, damp earth. Thank You, Lord, for bringing us safely through another winter. Now we look forward, with joy, to the long days that we know will come.

Sunday 28th Psalm 111; Mark 1. 21-28
Olrig & Dunnet – Lyall; Keiss & Canisbay – Archie & Anne

Thank You, Lord, for listening to us when we asked for support for our locum, Lyall. We are grateful that he will be able to develop Your parish ministry with an assistant. . You know, Lord, who our next full time minister will be. Could You give him or her a nudge so that some more pressure can be taken off Lyall?

Monday 29th/Tuesday 30th
Please continue to pray for Ian McCree, now settled back in Caithness with a new remit. He is based for 2 nights each week in the manse at Watten serving as Locum at Bower with Halkirk with Watten and continuing as our Interim Moderator. He is also Presbytery Clerk for Sutherland! Pray for strength and wisdom!


Wednesday 31st/Thursday 1st Canisbay School Assembly (31st)
As you pray for Lyall, conducting regular Assemblies in Canisbay and Keiss, remember him as he also visits Crossroads School, often on the same day as Canisbay. (Dates were not available earlier.) Pray too and give thanks for Rev Howard Stone who conducts Assemblies in Castletown Primary and who, with his wife Christine, has run an After School Club for as long as your Editor can remember!

Friday 2nd /Saturday 3rd Keiss School Assembly (2nd)
As we move forward as one Church, please pray for those who carry new responsibilities - Christine Shearer as Session Clerk, Liz Geddes – Deputy Clerk and Roll Keeper- and Isabel Mackay as Treasurer.
Pray that the four congregations will get their last year’s accounts done promptly so that we can have one united AGM towards the end of March or the beginning of April.

Sunday 4th February Ps. 147. 1-11,20c; Mark 1. 29-39
At the time of preparation the preaching rota for February had not been confirmed so the names of those conducting services are not given. Please pray imaginatively each Sunday! Lyall and possibly Archie and Anne will be involved on some Sundays. Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill each preacher and to work in each worshipper. Pray for good health and for safety in travel in these cold winter weeks.

Monday 5th/Tuesday 6th Presbytery meets in Wick
We give thanks for our moderator, Mrs Sheila Cormack, and the hard work she has put into her role this year, inducting ministers into charges across the county. May her efforts continue to be fruitful for the remainder of her year.
There will also be services to set apart Leslie and Maureen O’Neill as Readers and to mark our Union and Archie’s appointment! Ed.

Wednesday 7th/Thursday 8th
Almighty God, enable our Government to continue to negotiate a Brexit agreement which will benefit all members of our society

Friday 9th/Saturday 10th
Thank You, Lord, for all those who serve You on the oceans of the world. From the smallest tug and fishing boat to large cargo ships and cruise liners - all need brave men and women to crew them. We ask that You keep them safe in the harsh environment of winter seas and we pray especially for those who volunteer with the Royal National Lifeboat Institute - they risk their own lives to rescue others.

Sunday 11th Ps. 30; Mark 1. 40-45
As we meet for worship today, most probably in our four individual congregations, take time to pray for a real spirit of unity now that we have embarked on our new Union. Jesus, Lord of the Church, give us a new love for You and for one another, that will break down barriers and lead us ahead to be effective as workers in the harvest fields in which You have set us.

Monday 12th/Tuesday 13th
Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday – ‘Pancake Day’ and Lent begins tomorrow. We often hear of people giving things up for Lent, eg chocolate. Perhaps we should consider doing something we don't normally do over this time. We could contact people we are not in touch with very often, especially people who may be lonely. A phone call, a letter, an e:mail or even a short text to let them know we are thinking of them is sure to uplift their spirits. Lord, prompt us!

Wednesday 14th /Thursday 15th Canisbay Assembly (14th)
Wednesday is St Valentine’s Day. In the Church we talk a great deal about LOVE and some of us pride ourselves that we are good at showing love for those around us. It is challenging when we remember that the man whose Saint’s Day is celebrated today gave his life for his faith. How strong is my commitment? God of Love, keep reminding me that real love took Jesus to the Cross.

Friday 16th/Saturday 17th
Dear Lord, we pray for our children as they grow up in a world with so many demands from social media, television and peer pressure.

Sunday 18th Ps. 41; Mark 2. 1-12
Please continue to pray for the work of the Nomination Committee. With the union now in place and the addition of a Parish Worker we need pray for a full time minister for Pentland Parish.

Monday 19th
2018 has been designated the Year of Young People. Few young people in our communities seem to have much concern for our services of worship and what they imagine takes place within our doors. Are we putting them off? Are we offering the right things? This is a time for a new start; we have new opportunities. Pray!!!

Tuesday 20th
The Irish Proverb tells us that "a friend is like a four leafed clover - hard to find and lucky to have". How often in our day to day lives are we glad of the support of friends? May God richly bless all our friends and help us to let them know we appreciate them.

Wednesday 21st
Grant Your Grace, Lord, to all who are suffering illness and pain. May they be assured by Your presence and comforted by Your love, secure in the knowledge that You will always be there.

Thursday 22nd
Giving God, bless all those who work in the service of others without reward. We give thanks for the many hours of volunteering dedicated so freely for the benefit of others.

Friday 23rd Keiss School Assembly
Hear our prayers, Lord, for all people who are feeling lonely or depressed at this time. Give them courage to look outward and recognise that You care for each one of us. Grant Your warmth and light to those especially in need. Sometimes the weekend is hardest to bear! Ed.


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