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Prayer Diary March 2018

Thursday 1st
Today, children from Crossroads school will visit Canisbay Church. We give thanks for the dedication of their teachers and all teachers everywhere who have such an influence on young lives. Pray and give thanks too for those who, now retired, still support the work of our schools.

Friday 2nd World Day of Prayer Service in Keiss Church
How many hundreds of thousands of God’s people will gather on this World Day of Prayer, this year written by the Christian Women of Suriname? There is a warm welcome at Keiss Church where the service starts at 2.30pm. Other services should be well publicized. Please pray for God’s blessing on this Day of Prayer and on the people of Suriname.

Saturday 3rd Messy Church at Dunnet

At the time of preparation of this issue the editor does not have details of what is planned for those who will gather in Dunnet Church hall this morning, but we can be assured of a happy time! Give thanks for Ruth and her team of helpers and for the children who attend regularly with Mum, Dad or Granny. May the Spirit of God plant seeds of faith in young lives and bring fruit in His time!

Sunday 4th Third Sunday in Lent Ps.19; John 2.13-22 Olrig & Dunnet: Jiri (Yuri) Tenglerova; K & Cb: Lyall

Jiri is the husband of Ida who is Minister of Thurso West Church. Both are ministers in the Czech Republic and Jiri has been able to gain leave of absence to spend some time here with his family. Ida is doing a great job in Thurso. Pray for a great Caithness welcome for Jiri and, if you can, come and worship in Olrig or Dunnet today!

Monday 5th
Thank You, Gracious God, for the blooming of Spring - for the glory of Your creation and the ever-changing seasons in one day! New life is coming, Lord, from You.

Tuesday 6th

Presbytery Meets in Thurso West Church We have made mistakes - some we are aware of and others were unintentional. Dear Lord, forgive us, forgive me, the hurt we have caused others, our unkind words, our gossip and spitefulness. It is a struggle and we turn to You for help.

Wednesday 7th Pentland Parish Session Meeting in Keiss at 7pm.
As we continue with our monthly meetings we pray for God's continued blessing on our discussions and His guidance to make the right decisions for our united congregations.

Thursday 8th
As we pray for guidance in spiritual matters in our new Union we must also pray for the more mundane business of fabric and finance. We are extremely grateful for the financial support of so many. For those of you who make a regular contribution via direct debit or standing order or for anyone who feels they may be able to help in this way the new account details are given at the end of this issue. Thank you.

Friday 9th

We pray, Lord, for all who are distressed, no matter what the cause. The torment of conflicting emotions is almost too much to bear - please take them into Your arms and free them from their mental burdens. Give them feelings of joy and worth!

Saturday 10th
Pray for the preparation of WOMEN ACROSS THE HIGHLANDS’ one day conference in Inverness on Saturday 19th May. The subject is ORDINARY WOMEN – EXTRAORDINARY GOD. This interdenominational event is aimed at encouraging women in their Christian walk and could be just what some of us need! Esme has booking forms. Info on www.womenacrossthehighlands.co.uk

Sunday 11th Fourth Sunday in Lent; Mother’s Day John 3.14-21
Olrig & Dunnet: Ben Macgregor; K & Cb: Lyall

Sadly, the days when crowds of enthusiastic children told the minister (and the congregation!) how they were celebrating Mother’s Day are largely a distant memory! Please continue to pray for the children of our communities as we seek new ways to reach them with the Good News of Jesus.

Monday 12th
The charity Mercy Ships provides a floating hospital whose mission is to provide free healthcare and to improve healthcare delivery systems in the poorest nations. We pray for volunteers to give their services on board the ship, and ask God's blessing on them and all whom they care for.

Tuesday 13th
Marcus Cornah, who has conducted many services in our pulpits over recent years, has returned to Caithness after a short stay in the south. Pray for him as he settles down in the county and seeks how God plans to use him in this next stage of his life.

Wednesday 14th Canisbay Assembly
Remember those who are hurting and going through some unimaginable circumstances. Pray for those who want their lives to be better and to be free from things that may be holding them back.
(Crossreach Prayer Diary Oct. – Dec.)

Thursday 15th

Please keep Lyall in your prayers each day. He has so many different meetings and so many varied responsibilities. Jesus, Lord of the Church, grant Your enabling to Lyall and to all of our Church leaders and office bearers. Without You, nothing we do will last!

Friday 16th Keiss Assembly
Please pray for persecuted Christians throughout the world and, indeed, in the UK. Your attention is drawn to the plight of Paul Song, a Prison Chaplain for over 20 years, who was sacked by the Head Chaplain, an Imam, with no apparent justification, and with no right of appeal. (PARLIAMENTARY PRAYER SCOTLAND Feb.’18)

Saturday 17th

With our recent union new committees have been formed. We thank all the people from our four congregations who have agreed to serve on these committees. We ask God's blessing on the work that they do for the benefit of Pentland Parish Church.

Sunday 18th Fifth Sunday in Lent Ps 119.9-16; John 12.20-33 Olrig & Dunnet: Lyall; K& Cb: Isabel Rennie
Merciful Father, we pray today for our friends who have served faithfully as office bearers in past years and who have either moved away or are limited by weakness and are largely housebound. Some long still to be used in Your service. Comfort each one and speak to them. They need to hear Your voice.

Monday 19th
Whatever our personal political views, although sometimes difficult, we are called to pray for all who are in authority, despite our differences. Remember God is on His throne!

Tuesday 20th
Give thanks for ML Stone, daughter of Olrig Free Church manse, who recently took holiday time owed from her work as Glasgow regional worker for Scripture Union Scotland to volunteer for ten days with Tear Fund in Nepal! Pray imaginatively for her now back in Glasgow schools and in preparation for involvement in Easter holiday events.

Wednesday 21st Crossroads Easter Service in Dunnet Church

We ask for Your blessing, Lord, on all who teach our children. Thank You for the hard work, creativity and patience which they put into the preparation of activities which influences the rest of their lives. What a huge responsibility this is!

Thursday 22nd

Today, I especially pray for (.....................) Give them Your gracious love so that they may find peace and sustenance in Your care. Thank that You hear my prayer.

Friday 23rd
Give thanks for all our caring staff who do so much to make our lives as easy as possible. Be with them as they go about their work with smiles on their faces to brighten our days. (Crossreach resident)
Give thanks for the truth of this in Achvarasdal and our other Caithness Care Homes.

Saturday 24th
At 2.00 tomorrow morning the clocks go forward and we look forward to warmer days and to welcoming visitors to our beautiful county. We are very blessed to live in such a peaceful and friendly place where God's creation can be enjoyed in all seasons.

Sunday 25th Sixth Sunday in Lent; Palm Sunday John 12.12-16
Olrig & Dunnet – Lyall ; Keiss & Canisbay - tba

On this last Sunday of the month some will gather at Freswick Castle at 6.30 pm for informal worship followed by light refreshments and fellowship. This is a valuable opportunity to meet with others from across the county. As God’s people we need increasingly to be connected! Join us in body or in spirit through prayer!

Monday 26th
This is Holy Week. Let’s take time each day to focus our thoughts on Jesus as He moved towards the Cross. Thank You, Jesus!

Tuesday 27th Canisbay Guild AGM
Our Guild has enjoyed another good year and we are grateful to those who have made it so for us. As we gather this evening to plan for next session, we will value prayer for creative ideas, good decisions and a willingness to be involved.

Wednesday 28th Easter Assemblies at Keiss and Canisbay

We give thanks for the work of our Ordained Local Ministers, our new Parish Assistant and our Interim Moderator. Their work has ensured that four places of worship have remained open without an Ordained Minister for more than 10 years. Gracious God, You know who is coming to be our next full time shepherd. Could you open their ears to our call, please!

Thursday 29th

We ask for Your blessing on all who are nearing the end of their life. The discomforts and the changes that need to be made seem overwhelming. Grant Your peace to all who are weary and the strength to carry on until You call them to You.

Friday 30th Good Friday

See! From his head, his hands, his feet, sorrow and love flow mingled down; did ere such love and sorrow meet, or thorns compose so rich a crown? (Isaac Watts CH4 392) You did this for me! How can I thank You sufficiently?

Saturday 31st “From the grey mist of morning A new day is dawning" Let this day be the one when we, by our actions, bring someone to Jesus. Help me to be Your disciple
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