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Prayer Diary April 2018

Sunday 1st Easter Sunday Ps 118. 1-2,14-24; John 20.1-18
Olrig & Dunnet -Archie & Ann MacArthur; K & Cb - Lyall

He is not here. He is risen!
Following our individual services where we shall rejoice in the
victory of our Saviour risen from death, we’ll gather together for a
special Easter Celebration in Mey Hall at 6.30 pm. Join us if you
Monday 2nd
The United Churches Easter Praise Service takes place in the
United Reformed Church, Castle Street, Thurso at 7.00 pm this
evening. We give thanks to God that people in this area are pleased
to share worship and fellowship regardless of denomination. A
warm welcome awaits anyone who is able to go along - a lovely
way to finish Easter weekend!
Tuesday 3rd
Ian McCree asks for prayer for wise stewardship of his duties as
our Interim moderator and locum in Halkirk, Watten and Bower.
Give thanks for the invitation to take assemblies at Halkirk Primary
School. He has already been warmly welcomed in Bower and
Watten Primaries.
Wednesday 4th
Canisbay Church is now open daily for anyone wanting to spend a
few minutes in peace and silent prayer. Visitors come from all over
the world and have remarked on the special atmosphere. Pray that
they travel safely and find strength and renewal on their holiday.
Thursday 5th Session Meeting in Canisbay Church Hall
We need your prayers as we meet this evening as members of four
congregations committed to support the work of being a united
charge seeking to reach out with the good news of the gospel to
each of our communities. Pray for the Manse committee as they
progress the work of taking a new manse to outline planning permission.

Friday 6th
“Lord, give me light upon my way, and wisdom for each passing day.
That I may prove what I profess, continuing in faithfulness.”
Saturday 7th
Merciful Father, we pray for everyone undergoing treatment for physical or mental health issues. We ask You to grant them healing. May all who care for them receive Your patience and understanding.
Sunday 8th Ps 133; John 20. 19 – 31
Olrig & Dt - Lyall; Keiss & Canisbay – Marcus Cornah

Masons will attend the service in Castletown today. Remember Lyall as he prepares and conducts this long established annual service.
For the congregation of Canisbay, last Sunday was their first Sunday having morning worship in the church, after meeting in the church hall over the winter months. We give thanks that wherever we meet God is with us.
Monday 9th
The 30th of April sees the start of the SQA exams. This month the pupils who will sit certificate exams will be spending time studying. We pray that they will be inspired to study and work hard so that they can reap the benefits at a later date. May God bless them, their parents who support them and the members of staff at our local High Schools who have put in a great deal of effort over the years to bring them to this stage.
Tuesday 10th
Give thanks for the Future Focus Evening held last month in Canisbay Church hall. This was an opportunity to reflect on significant events in each of our congregations over the past 30 years and to begin to think about ways in which we might move forward. It was led by Archie MacArthur, our new Parish Assistant. Watch this space!

Wednesday 11th
Some Guild members still remember Christine Stone who worked for very many years with the Church of Scotland and then the United Mission to Nepal. She loved to visit Caithness and kept in touch with a number of friends. She retired to Fort William and was very active there, even after recent treatment for cancer. Sadly, the cancer returned late last year and Christine passed away on 17th March. She leaves many special memories. “She was one unique person.”
Thursday 12th
Prayer Space Most weekdays Archie and Ann open Dunnet Church Hall between 10 and 12 for any friends to join them to pray and to seek God’s vision for the work of His Spirit in our Church and our communities. Many faithful members of our congregations find the idea of gathering for prayer a daunting prospect. Prayer Space is probably the warmest and most non threatening experience of this kind that your Editor has ever known! The challenge is to try it!
Friday 13th
Pray that we would learn to recognize and acknowledge that doing things God’s way is sometimes (if not most times) uncomfortable and that this is normal for that is how our faith will grow as it is stretched and exercised
Saturday 14th
The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Spring is here! Thank You for Your amazing creation, Lord and for the hope that only You can bring.
Sunday 15th Ps. 4; Luke 24. 36b - 48
Og & Dt– Marcus Cornah; Keiss &Canisbay – Archie & Ann)

Guide us by Your Spirit to find Your alternatives for how we do worship.
Sometimes we are hesitant about accepting change. Help us to discern your will for us, Lord.

Monday 16th
Thank You, dear Lord, for inspiring us to care for each other. Living in our scattered rural communities could be so isolating but You remind us that we need to treat each other as though each person we meet was You.
Tuesday 17th
Wherever I Am I’ll Praise Him Whenever I can I’ll praise him For his love surrounds me like a sea; I’ll lift up the name of Jesus For the name of Jesus lifted me. (Hymn 762, Complete Mission Praise)
Wednesday 18th
Loving and caring God, please grant peace to all those suffering the loss of a loved one. We cannot always understand why a life is so short but we know they are safe with You. Relieve the anguish of loss, we pray.
Thursday 19th
Jesus, our Shepherd, please walk beside all those who are lonely and give them the comfort that will make their hearts feel lighter.
Friday 20th
What is this thing called a rainbow, so lovely, so fair to behold – circling the earth with a glory of indigo, orange and gold?
What is this wonder, this marvel, that none can describe or define.
Useless to try and explain it. To me it is something divine ……
I care not for dull explanations. I know it’s God’s bow on the cloud. A symbol of faith to the faithless, a silent rebuke to the proud.
(Patience Strong)
“I will look upon it that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature” Genesis 9.16

Saturday 21st
At 6.30 this evening there is a Social and Buffet Supper in Mey Hall to which all are invited. This has been arranged to give an opportunity to welcome Archie and Ann as part of the team in Pentland Parish Church. They have already made their mark and we are very grateful that God called Archie to be our Parish Assistant. Please pray for them and join us this evening if you can.
Sunday 22nd Ps. 23; John 10. 11 - 18
Og & Dt – Ben MacGregor; Keiss Canisbay - Lyall

Pentland Parish Church is scheduled to conduct the service in Pulteney House, Wick at 3pm. Give thanks for this opportunity. Several of the residents faithfully support this weekly service and deeply appreciate the opportunity to sing well loved hymns and to hear a message from God’s Word. Give thanks for the staff who always welcome visitors. Pray for them too.
Monday 23rd
You know me, God, - through and through! - and You know how I struggle to talk with you regularly. Please help me to remember - I know how powerful You are!
Tuesday 24th Canisbay Guild
The final meeting of this session is a Music Night organised by Christine Shearer and Margaret Blacklock. We are assured of a happy evening, entertained by very talented young people. All are welcome!
Come and bring a friend. The theme is “GO IN LOVE”.
Wednesday 25th Canisbay Assembly
Jesus said, ‘BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS; FOR THEY SHALL BE CALLED THE CHILDREN OF GOD’ (Matthew 5. 9) We live in a very troubled world where true peace is a rarity.
Let us pray for peace: peace between nations; peace between those of different colour, language and religion; peace between the generations; peace in families and peace within ourselves.

Thursday 26th Ministry & Mission Committee in Wick
Crossroads School visit was postponed last month but we should hopefully welcome the children today. We pray that they are refreshed from their Easter Holiday and enjoy the summer term which is always a time of special outings and events.
Friday 27th
In times of stress, hardship and pain let those who offer comfort be blessed with God’s guidance and take strength from knowing that they are doing his bidding, bringing hope to those in despair, charity to those in need and showing love to all they meet.
(Crossreach Prayer Diary Feb. – May 2018)
Saturday 28th
Lord, You said "let the little children come to me and do not hinder them (Mathew 19v14) Please bless all children, everywhere, whatever their faith. We ask for Your special mercy on the children of Syria and pray that they may find Peace and Love instead of the war they have endured for the last seven years.
Sunday 29th Ps. 22. 25 – 31; John 15. 1 – 8
Og & Dt – Marcus Cornah; Keiss & Canisbay - Lyall

Sudan has risen to number 4 on the World Watch List. Christians are under great pressure from the government and from Muslim extremists. Blasphemy laws are routinely used to prosecute Christians. Ask the Lord to sustain and protect the Christian community and strengthen them with His grace. (Open Doors)
Monday 30th
Pray that we would all recognize the importance of Prayer. Without it we are unlikely to see change for the better.
Give thanks for the prayers which have been lifted up to God over this past month and give thanks for the person or people who have inspired you to keep on praying. God will answer!

This prayer diary is produced monthly by and for

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