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Our Prayer Diary   June 2018

Friday 1st     Keiss School Assembly     The Gathering                As our schools continue their busy programme with the holidays in       sight, give thanks for the teachers and all school staff and for all     that they seek to do to enable young people to grow up to make an     effective contribution to society. The adults need a great deal of     energy at this time. Pray for health and strength.
Saturday 2nd       Give thanks for the new spirit of co-operation and friendship     between the leaders of North and South Korea and pray that such     moves will happen in other parts of the world where there is     conflict.
Sunday 3rd       Ps 139.1-6, 13-18; Mark 2. 23 – 3.6  Olrig & Dunnet–Roger Bamfield; K & Cb –Lyall     Here is the world.      Beautiful and terrible things will happen.      Don’t be afraid.     (Frederick Buechner)
   Monday 4th      Sheila Cormack writes: As I demit office tomorrow as Moderator     of Caithness Presbytery, I say a warm thank you to all who have     prayed for me and supported me during the past year. I have been     very conscious of all the warm thoughts and help, some obvious     and some quietly done.  Although the year has been busy, I have     enjoyed it and hopefully have done my best in a most unexpected     undertaking. God bless you all. 
   Tuesday 5th       Caithness Presbytery meets in Wick      Pray for Rev Andrew Barrie of Pulteneytown Parish Church as he       is installed as Moderator of Caithness Presbytery for the year      ahead. Ask God to give him wisdom and understanding and help      as he undertakes this new duty. Remember too our commissioners      reporting diligence on their return from the General Assembly.  

Wednesday 6th     Canisbay School Assembly Primary 7 pupils will probably have the opportunity to visit the High School they will move on to after the summer. Pray for all who are involved in making this transition as easy as possible. Pray too for safety for all pupils in sports and trips this month.       
Thursday 7th      Kirk Session meets in Olrig Church Your prayers are eagerly coveted for this evening’s meeting. Some officebearers are away on hliday; others have visitors; some wonder about the wisdom of maintaining a monthly commitment … Pray that the Holy Spirit will brood over those who gather, giving wisdom, discernment, encouragement and power to continue in His service.  
Friday 8th           The Gathering Tomorrow, Castletown and Community Free Church hold their monthly PRAYER & PRAISE GATHERING from 10.30 am until around 2pm. All are welcome to drop in.
Saturday 9th  It seems impossible that four weeks have passed since our Car Treasure Hunt took place on a sunny afternoon last month! Give thanks for those who supported it, enjoying fun, fellowship, safety, refreshments which were generously provided and gratefully received.... Alan Gray’s hard work in making the arrangements were rewarded in full. Whatever we give in the service of our God is always seen and blessed by Him! Is this your regular experience?   
Sunday 10th     Ps. 138;  Mark 3. 20 – 35   Olrig & Dunnet – Lyall  (Communion); K &Cb– Marcus Cornah ‘Within these walls let no-one remain a stranger.’ This and the following greeting were found in Crathie Kirk, visited some time ago by your Editor. May they always be true in Pentland Parish Church! Welcome to worship! Whether you are a first-time visitor, a regular participant or a returning friend, we are glad that you have been able to join us today. We trust that you might sense something of the peace and presence of God amongst us. 

Monday 11th   Crossroads Assembly Let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. (1 John 4.7,8) This truth was quoted by the American Bishop at the Royal Wedding last month. Please pray for the baptism of His love in your everyday life, that through its outworking and outpouring into those around us (whatever their political persuasion or faith) we will bring them into a real and wonderful revelation of His love! PARLIAMENTARY   PRAYER  SCOTLAND 
Tuesday 12th   Merciful Father, we pray for our political leaders, as they respond to violence and threats of violence in our country. Give them the grace to respond, not in vengeance, but with wisdom and self control.  Wednesday 13th   Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding and my entire will, all I have and call my own. You have given all to me. To you, Lord, I return it.  (Ignatius Loyola, 1491-1556) Thursday 14th   God's wisdom is something mysterious that goes deep into the interior of his purposes. You don't find it lying around on the surface. (1 Cor. 2.7 The Message) Lord, particularly as I grow older, keep me willing to make the effort to dig! How much I shall gain!
Friday 15th         The Gathering  This evening marks the seventh and penultimate Gathering organized and hosted by Archie and Ann. What has taken place? What has God done? Whatever is done for God and bathed in prayer is of real value!  There is a warm welcome for you in Britannia Hall, Dunnet between 4.00 and 8.00 today. You and someone you might bring are on God’s Guest List. Don’t miss out! If you can’t come, join us in prayer!

Saturday 16th    Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.     (Victor Hugo)
Sunday 17th    Psalm 20;  Mark 4. 26 – 34    Father’s Day Og & Dt – Ben MacGregor; K & Cb – Lyall  (Communion) Loving God, when there is a need to be met and You call my name, help me to have the grace to respond and be Your humble servant through Jesus Christ our Lord and for His sake.
Monday 18th  Summer time is here. Many will enjoy a break from work and a trip away. Gracious Lord, as we give thanks for the joy and happiness such a break can bring, hear our prayers for those who cannot afford a holiday; for whom every day is hard either because of lack of money or the constant daily strain of caring for someone who is ill. Make us grateful for the mercies You grant us. Teach us to share all our blessings with others. 
Tuesday 19th   How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity. Ps.133.1 Unity is such an important quality and we can never take it for granted, particularly in the Church. We need to work at it. How tragic when the growth of the Kingdom of God is held back because we can’t get on with our fellow members! Lord, change us! Change me!
Wednesday 20th      Canisbay School Assembly Please keep Lyall in your prayers each day. He has so many different meetings and so many varied responsibilities that it is all too easy for some (within and outwith the Church) to think that his remit is as a fulltime minister. It is not!!. Jesus, Lord of the Church, grant Your enabling to Lyall and to all who hold office within our Church.  Without You, nothing we do will last!  
 Thursday 21st   Summer Solstice – Longest Day Lord, bless those who are lonely. Help us to recognise loneliness in someone else, even if they are in the middle of a crowd, and to show Your compassion and love as You would to us. Friday 22nd         Keiss School Assembly   The Gathering Give thanks for the encouraging response to the Gathering with a wide range of people accepting the invitation to experience a fresh approach to Christian Worship. And Archie said of Prayer Space, ‘We had a wonderful time this morning. God is working; prayer is resonating; something is going on.’ What a great God we worship!
Saturday 23rd     As we continue to be grateful for the gradual coming together of our four congregations it is also encouraging to experience fellowship across the denominations, particularly in Castletown. .Tomorrow evening’s  PSALMS on a SUMMER EVENING  at 7.45 pm in Castletown and Community Free Church is a further opportunity  to enjoy worship and fellowship. A light supper is served half-way through to allow for informal fellowship and  conversations. A warm welcome is guaranteed.
Sunday 24th     Psalm 133;  Mark 4. 35 - 41 Olrig & Dunnet – Uri Tenglerova; Keiss & Canisbay - Lyall  As this is the last Sunday of the month, there is a warm invitation to  the inspiring location of Freswick Castle  at 6.30pm for an informal time of worship followed by  light refreshments and a time to meet and talk. This is not to be missed!
Monday 25th          Canisbay School end of term service,     Crossroads Assembly As the end of term services in our Primary Schools take place this week, pray for the young people leaving our High Schools who are having to make big decisions about their futures – employment, apprenticeship, further education….  
 Tuesday 26th        God is faithful! As God did not chose you because you were high, so He will not forsake you because you are low. (John Flavell)
Wednesday 27th   This evening the Caithness Guild Presbyterial Summer Rally is being held in Lybster Church. Pray for a good evening – warm, dry weather, safety in travelling and an encouraging number prepared to gather. Rich fellowship and a stimulating programme are guaranteed!
Thursday 28th   It seems almost unbelievable that Archie (and Ann!) have been in post for almost six months. Many will judge (surely rightly!) that they hit the ground running. As Archie commented, he was appointed as Presbytery Assistant with a .5 remit to Pentland Parish Church, but he reckons his commitment is full-time for God. Relationships have been forged, seed sown, ground prepared, experiments tried …..  Pray on! And, if you are able to, come along to Prayer Space or ring Ann to tell her that you are praying at home as others gather in Dunnet Church Hall with Archie and Ann.  (07856 395269)  
Friday 29th   Merciful Father, we pray today for our friends who have served faithfully as office bearers in past years and who have either moved away or are limited by weakness and are largely housebound. Some long still to be used in Your service. Comfort each one and speak to them. They need to hear Your voice.
Saturday 30th      Taking a new step is what we fear most, yet our real fear should be standing still. Step forward into growth and development.  (Source unknown) This is a good word for the second half of 2018 which begins tomorrow. Let’s go with God!

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