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Prayer Diary July / Aug 2018

1st July Services: Sheila Cormack at Og & Dt; MyrtleGillies at K&Cb.
Both Sheila and Myrtle would value your prayers as they lead our
Also today (Sunday) Lyall takes part in the Sponsored Abseil from
the Forth Rail Bridge in aid of Crossreach. Give thanks for those
who have pledged their support and pray for a successful and safe

Pray for the Light Factory Holiday Club running in Thurso in the
first week of July – for all the children attending and all the helpers.
And in August, pray for the continuing follow up of those contacted
and for the preparations for Wick Pulteneytown’s Holiday Club.


Persecution is intensifying in many parts of the world and the needs of our persecuted family are currently outstripping our ability to respond. Ask the Lord of the Harvest to provide for His people and pray that more Christians in the West will be moved to respond to the plight of their brothers and sisters in Christ. (Open Doors)

4th : August:  Mey Games at John O’Groats
This event is run by the Royal British Legion and we remember
those who have served in conflicts all over the world. We give
thanks for their bravery and dedication to duty, with many suffering
lasting effects both mentally and physically from their experiences.

5th: August: Royal Service at Canisbay (Joint Service)
Today is traditionally the “Royal Service” at Canisbay, attended by
HRH the Duke of Rothesay and his guests. Primary School
children will take part; visitors will attend and the small, faithful
congregations will naturally be uplifted. Pray for Lyall as he
prepares and conducts the service. May the Spirit of God fill each
person who attends.

6th: August

This week pupils all over Scotland will receive exam results. We pray for those who find this a difficult and disappointing time if their results are not as expected. We also remember parents and family members giving support and encouragement.

7th: July The Canisbay Show is held today.

This annual event is popular and we give thanks for all those who work tirelessly to make it successful. Pray for good weather and for opportunities for us as members of Christ’s Church to witness naturally as we mix with members of our communities and with visitors.

8th July Services: Ben MacGregor at Og&Dt; Ian McCree at K&Cb

This afternoon (Sunday) three local gardens will open to the public with teas being served in the church hall. The proceeds will go to Pentland Parish funds. We give thanks for the sunshine and rain which help to fill our gardens with colour and scent.

Alan Gray, our Property Convener, has been receiving tenders for undertaking electrical inspections of all four churches and three halls. This should inform us of any works to be added for health and safety reasons, which would take precedence over other outstanding matters. Some of the other matters are, however, very important, and all need finance. Pray for wisdom in setting priorities and for God’s provision.

How fortunate we are in this area to be able to turn on the tap and
enjoy a glass of clean water if we are thirsty, and especially in the
summer months. Let us remember the people less fortunate than us for whom clean water and sanitation is not the norm. We pray that through such incentives as Water Aid they will in time be able to have clean water.

With the summer holiday season now upon us there will be many
people visiting our area. We trust they will enjoy all that Caithness
has to offer tourists and also come along to a Sunday service or visit a church that is open. They will be greatly blessed!
As you use this Prayer Diary please pray specially for those who will conduct the services in our four sanctuaries and also for all ministers and elders conducting services in all Caithness churches.

12th August Services: Lyall at Og & Dt; Roger Bamfield at K&Cb

Pray for carers who find it difficult to have a well deserved break. At this time when many people are able to go away even for a day trip there are others who for various reasons can't do this. Merciful Father, if we are able, prompt us to offer help in some practical way to someone in this situation.

13th: July
Friday (or any day!) is particularly good to reflect on eight Gatherings organized by Archie and Ann in May and June. Across Scotland it is being recognized that some form of alternative worship is vital if the Gospel is to reach the people in our communities who see no relevance in traditional worship services. Pray for wisdom and for God’s clear leading in planning the next steps.

Around this time in July Lyall and Isabel, Archie and Ann and no doubt several of our office bearers will enjoy a well deserved holiday. Pray for God’s renewing and refreshing, for safety in travel and for the reality of God’s Presence as they return to anticipate the challenges of the autumn.

15th: July Services: Ben MacG at Og&Dt;Marcus Cornah at K&Cb
We give thanks for the lives of all those we have known and loved but are no longer with us. We remember their acts of kindness - help us to help others as they helped us.

I look at the setting sun and marvel at the beauty of our Northern sky. I see how, each day, the sun has moved - as it has done for millions of years. For Your creation, I praise and thank You, Lord

Give thanks for the meeting of the Manse Committee at the proposed site in Dunnet with Bill Lawrie, Convener of the Glebe Committee of the Church of Scotland. Pray for wisdom as discussion continues and decisions are made. Give thanks too for the excellent work being done by Alan Cairns, our New Manse Committee Convener.

Gracious God, we are sorry for all those times when we forget to do something that we have promised. It causes more work for others, it is selfish and is not what You ask of us. Please forgive my thoughtlessness, Lord, in the name of Your Son, Jesus - my eternal Saviour.

19th: August Services: Marcus Cornah at Og&Dt; Lyall at K&Cb
We pray for Christians in North Korea where belief in You is forbidden and even the discovery of a Bible can lead to execution. Thousands of Your believers are held in prison camps. Give them comfort, Lord and help change the minds of their leaders. This we ask in the name of the One who died to save us - Jesus Christ.


We give thanks and praise for the teaching of all those concerned in the mission and ministry of Your word, Lord. Give them the strength to carry on. Help us, too, to be Your disciples - even when we don't feel up to it!


We pray that the minister who is to come to Pentland Parish Church will receive Your call, Lord. You know who this person is. Help us to be patient and to continue to pray!

22nd July Services: Marcus Cornah at Olrig & Dt; Lyall at K & Cb
Loving Father, we bring before You the needs of new parents and ask that You grant them strength and empowering love. It can seem daunting to be the protector of such a tiny, new life but we place our trust in You, Lord, to let each family know that You are there.

23rd: August: Ministry & Mission Committee in Wick
This Committee meets this evening with a new Convener, Rev David Macartney of North Coast Parish and several new members, but with, no doubt, a familiar agenda which holds challenges and opportunities for us all. Pray for God’s wisdom in discussion and for a godly sense of anticipation as we look forward to the year ahead.

We pray that You will grant Your blessing on all people who work in the service of others - cleaners, clerks, emergency helpers and medical staff as well as those who keep our water clean and sewers running. Their tasks can appear menial but without them all, we could not survive as a community.


O Lord our God, we pray for all whose lives are in turmoil through the effects of mental illness - the stressed and strained, the vulnerable, the anxious and the fragile. Pour out your peace on them and their families so that they may feel calm as You walk beside them

26th: August Services: Lyall at Og & Dt; Marcus Cornah at K & Cb

On this last Sunday in August, there will most probably be an invitation to Freswick Castle. In June, Ben MacGregor wrote: ‘You are invited again to the inspiring location of Freswick Castle at 6.30pm on the last Sunday of the month, for an informal time of worship followed by light refreshments and a time to meet and talk. All are very welcome. ‘The road has been improved and the potholes filled - but still take it slowly!'


Living Lord, we thank You for the encouragement we have received from the visitors who have happily attended our services or shared in events which we organised during the holiday season. Thank You for fellowship shared and for their prayers for us on their return to their home congregations.

28th: August
The holidays are over and children and staff are back at school! They need our prayers! Loving God, help me to commit to pray faithfully for children finding it hard to settle into a new stage in their education and for all who work with them, and for adults coping with change in job or status. Give thanks for the good education delivered in our county. We cannot take this for granted: pray on! Some of you see the school bus pass each day. Use this to prompt you to pray!

Give thanks for the open door for Assemblies being conducted in our Primary and High Schools. Pray for Lyall, accompanied by Archie and Ann, and for Howard Stone and for others whom you know of who are welcomed regularly by Head Teachers. Further south, an unwise comment has been enough to prompt an objection from a small group of parents and the door has shut. Pray that God’s servants will have wisdom and His protection!

‘What is your only hope and comfort in life and death? That I am not my own but belong, body and soul, to my faithful Saviour, Jesus Christ.’ (Heidelberg Catechism: question and answer 1)

On this last day of the month, whether you prepare to go back to the beginning tomorrow, or whether September has arrived, thank you for your faithful prayers. May You know God’s blessing as a reality in your own life and have a real sense of fellowship with the other members of our Prayer Family. Rest in God now for a few moments!

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