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Prayer Diary September 2018

Saturday 1st Messy Church at Dunnet
Father, we ask that You'll give understanding to the children as they
hear the message in Messy Church this morning, and that this
combined with where else they hear and see the message that You
care about each of us will bring about a life of trusting You.

Sunday 2nd Psalm 15; Mark 7. 1-8, 14 -15,21-23
Olrig & Dunnet: Ben MacGregor; Keiss & Canisbay: Lyall

‘We cannot rely on God’s promises without obeying his
commandments.’ (John Calvin )Thank God now for his promises
and ask for grace to obey his word.
(Encounter with God. Publ. Scripture Union Jul.-Sept.)
A thought worth carrying through the month! (Ed.)

Monday 3rd
The Canisbay Gardens were a delight to attend and the refreshments
in the hall most delicious. We give thanks to God for the talents
people have been blessed with and for the opportunity that we had
to go and see the gardens and have fellowship over tea and cake.
Thanks also to God for the provision of seasons for planting the
seeds and seeing them grow and flower during the summer.

Tuesday 4th Caithness Presbytery meets in Wick
Changes lie before us as we meet this evening. Liz Geddes becomes our representative elder, although Angela Lewis and Sheila Cormack continue to serve. Presbytery is seeking a new Clerk as Rev Ronnie Johnstone retires at the end of the year. Pray for a good attendance and for the Holy Spirit to brood over all discussion and decisions.

Wednesday 5th Kirk Session meets at Canisbay
As we did not meet as a complete group over the summer, there will undoubtedly be a large agenda. Pray that this will not deter members from coming! Pray for God’s wisdom, and that each person present will be willing to listen to Him and to each other. It is important that we see when we should make decisions and when it is right to leave these for a future meeting. We need the clear guidance of God!

Thursday 6th
Our schools were still on holiday when this issue was being prepared, so dates of Assemblies had not been arranged. But God knows! Perhaps when you see children out and about or think of your own family members you might seek to be prompted to pray for Lyall, Archie and Ann and Howard Stone as they conduct Assemblies this month.

Friday 7th The Gathering
Seeking clear guidance from God and reflection with people who ‘gathered’ in Dunnet on Fridays before the summer have been vital ingredients for Archie and Ann as they made plans for future gatherings. Several people eagerly anticipate this evening! There is unlimited space so please consider looking in. And please pray for continued blessing on this initiative in alternative worship.

Saturday 8th

 Loving Lord, help those who are lonely. Give them the courage to go and visit someone else in their solitude so that both may benefit from shared reminiscences and company

Sunday 9th Psalm 146; Mark 7. 24-37
Olrig & Dunnet: tba; Keiss & Canisbay: Marcus Cornah
We give thanks for our faithful organists: Cynthia in Keiss, Mary in Canisbay and Liz Geddes in Olrig and Dunnet. How vital is their contribution to worship! But when the number of worshippers is small they may feel under-valued. Encourage them, dear Lord, and prompt us never to take them for granted!

Monday 10th
We give thanks for all the visitors to our parish and the peace and tranquillity people have felt here. One visitor wrote in the Canisbay Church visitors' book: “ What a lovely peaceful church. In fact this entire area would be a wonderful place for retreat."
Someone else wrote: "Thank you for sharing your treasures with us."

Tuesday 11th

Father, we give thanks to You for our armed forces and the roles that they undertake. We pray for courage and integrity for each and every one of them. Father, in this fallen world of ours we don't fight against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces, unseen - controlling man's thoughts, motives and actions. Be their guide, their wisdom and their stronghold, for every individual who is fighting, on whichever side they find themselves Bless them with your Holy Spirit. Amen (*contributed by a volunteer at Pirbright Army Base)

Wednesday 12th
Loving God, we pray for those who feel gutted by exam results, or other sense of failure in the world's eyes. Show us how to convey Your sense of delight in who they are, whatever they achieve. Show them You have a plan that goes beyond our failures.

Thursday 13th
Give thanks for the glad gift of love from the people who have staffed holiday clubs, summer missions, and camps, and for the sense of seeing children respond to the message and to the help freely given. Children from Canisbay Primary attended a Scripture Union holiday in July. As you give thanks, pray for effective follow up, that the Holy Spirit will work in young lives.

Friday 14th The Gathering

God, Our Father, help us to see other people from different faiths and backgrounds, as our sisters and brothers. Encourage us to invite all people to our table and bless every meal we share with them (adptd. from World Mission Council Aug/Sept 2018

Saturday 15th

Over the summer I have said or thought words which, on reflection, have hurt others. I have omitted tasks I should have done. I have forgotten things. Please help me to remember always to ask myself, "What would Jesus think about this?" and "What would Jesus say?"

Sunday 16th Psalm 19; Mark 8. 27-38
Olrig & Dunnet: Lyall; Keiss & Canisbay

God of Love, we give grateful thanks for Your encompassing love poured out on all those whom we know, who have had medical or surgical procedures. We know that whatever the outcome, they are safe in Your care. We ask, too, for Your blessing on all who have given their unreserved care.

Monday 17th
We think of the young folk leaving home for further education or for work, and leaving much they've known up to this stage in their lives. Make Yourself clear to them, please. Protect them from harm and strengthen them to hold on to what is good and true. Give parents peace of mind too!

Tuesday 18th
Dear God, I pray that when I feel lonely and unappreciated by those who surround me, your true LOVE will embrace me, your Holy Spirit will comfort me, and your joy will give me strength to persevere. I will not live a life by feelings or by what I see, but by my faith in your son, Jesus Christ, Amen. *(as 11th Sept.)

Wednesday 19th
Lord Jesus Christ, You gathered children around You and listened to them. Help us as Your followers today to listen to children, and learn from their perspective how we can better serve them in Your Name.

Thursday 20th
PRAY FOR THE MIDDLE EAST – IRAQ. Since the start of the summer holidays, thousands more families have returned home to the Nineveh Plain after four years living in displacement. Pray for the church leaders and their teams helping these families to return, and thank God for the many Open doors supporters around the world whose prayers and gifts are making this work possible.
(Open Doors Aug. ’18)

Friday 21st The Gathering
Lord, where so many young folk seem besieged by anxiety, will You help them find hope in You, whatever their circumstances and prospects. Enable us to pray faithfully for those whom we know, and to pray imaginatively for those whom we see in town or on TV News. And if we have the opportunity to speak with just one, give us the words!

Saturday 22nd
Gracious God, we give You thanks for the work of Help the Heroes which does so much to help those who are living with the aftermath of war. We owe so much to these men and women. We also give thanks for the work of Invictus. It is such an inspiration to watch those who have lost limbs competing in sport and leading a full life.

Sunday 23rd Psalm 54; Mark 9. 30-37
Olrig & Dunnet: Marcus Cornah; Keiss & Canisbay: Lyall

For the green fields in Caithness after such a hot summer, we praise You, Creator God, knowing that already You are preparing us for the winds of Autumn which begins today!

Monday 24th
We ask God's blessing on those who unlock the door of Canisbay Church each morning and lock up again each night in the summer. This involves people making time for this commitment. Many visitors greatly benefit from this opportunity to spend a while in a church on a day other than Sunday.

Tuesday 25th Canisbay Guild Opening Meeting
It is always a special joy to share fellowship over a meal in Canisbay Church Hall so this has become the normal theme of the opening meeting of our new Guild Session. The meal is generously donated in aid of Guild funds. A happy evening of fellowship is guaranteed! All are welcome (just let us know you’ll be there!) And this is a perfect time to bring a friend who may go on to become a member….Too far away? Join us in Prayer!

Wednesday 26th
Loving Lord, we ask for freedom in the times we hide away from life's difficult things, whether in drink or drugs, or whatever we use - freedom from fear and anxiety, trusting Your love and power to help.
You know us like no other: let us rest in You!

Thursday 27th
Give thanks for the recent improvement in resources for Ambulance services in Caithness, taking pressure off stressed staff. Pray on. There are so many issues which concern us.

Friday 28th
Loving God, we think of those who see the turning of the year as loss, and struggle with the waning light. Transform our vision, so that we see Your presence in the darkness, and savour each day and its opportunities as a precious gift from You.

Saturday 29th
The local Highland Dancing School holds its annual festival in Canisbay Hall today. We pray for all those travelling from far and wide that they travel safely and enjoy the friendship and competition of this special event.

Sunday 30th Psalm 124; Mark 9.38-50
Olrig & Dunnet: tba; Keiss & Canisbay: tba

At 3 pm there is the service at Pulteney House which we are responsible for today. Give thanks for this precious opportunity for worship enjoyed by the Lord’s people in Care Homes across the county and pray for the Lord’s rich blessing on all who gather.
Also this evening at 6.30 there is the usual welcome at Freswick Castle for informal worship and fellowship.

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